~ 03/08/2023 ~

Pimp your smartphone with Loir...

Download your favorite wallpaper for your smartphone! Keep Loire Valley Wines in your pocket !

~ 27/07/2023 ~

A Q&A with Miami Wine Speciali...

We spoke with the Florida-based co-founder of Miami Wine Guide about all things Loire Valley.

~ 27/07/2023 ~

Q&A with Hope Shiverick

In this Q&A, the second-generation leader of Shiverick Wine Imports goes deep with us on what makes the Loire a terroir-lover’s paradise and sha

~ 22/06/2023 ~

Zwann Grays & Loire Valley Win...

Sommelier and Founder of Zwann’s Wine Club Zwann Grays talks to us about the importance of language in wine, incredible Southern food pairings, and

~ 22/06/2023 ~

Loire Valley Wines & Yannick B...

We sat down with Yannick Benjamin, the owner and operator of NYC’s Contento and XX wines for a deep dive into what makes the Loire a standout region

~ 03/04/2023 ~

Stepping into Spring with Loir...

Spring is here, and in the Loire Valley that means the first fresh rosé wines from the 2022 vintage have arrived!

~ 03/04/2023 ~

Loire Valley Cabernet Franc &...

We love @KeithBeavers’ take on two of the Loire Valley’s flagship grape varieties: Cabernet Franc and Chenin Blanc on the @Vinepair Wine 101 podca

~ 14/03/2023 ~

Loire’s top rated Crémant d...

Did you know the Loire valley is the largest producer of sparkling wine outside of Champagne? Yep, it’s true – the Loire produces over 17 MILLI

~ 14/03/2023 ~

Bloom Big with Loire Valley Wi...

This year, we invite you to Go on! Bloom Big with Loire Valley wines! We’re thrilled to share that wines from the Loire Valley are continuing to gro

~ 09/02/2023 ~

Cabernet Franc + Comfort Food

When it’s cold outside, it’s time to put the Loire Valley’s red wine superstar on the table: Cabernet Franc. This grape variety produces spic

~ 09/02/2023 ~

The Loire Valley’s Sweetest ...

The Loire Valley is France’s most diverse wine region, so it’s no surprise the 600-mile stretch of countryside produces singular sweet wines in ad

~ 23/01/2023 ~

How to Fall in Love with the L...

A Q&A with Advanced Sommelier & the “SommlYAY” Erik Segelbaum.

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