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In the Loire, we believe in the power of simple, authentic moments in life and we know those moments are best when shared with others – especially with delicious wine on the table.

For generations, the grape growers and winemakers of the Loire have been crafting wines perfect for each of life’s special moments from everyday to extraordinary.

“Thanks to the work done by the entire Loire wine sector, our vineyards are experiencing growing success in exports,” explains Pierre-Jean Sauvion, Chairman of the InterLoire Communications Committee.

“We wanted to heighten this momentum by launching a new promotional offensive in our export markets. Through the rollout of this new campaign, we are putting forward an original expression of our values as a perfect fit with the aspirations of new generations of consumers.”  

Today, authenticity, generosity, and truth matter more than ever. Luckily, these values have always been inherent in the wines of the Loire Valley. Let’s face it: There’s nothing stuffy about the Loire’s vibrant, fruity, floral wines.

With Go on! Bloom Big we hope to continue sharing Loire Valley wines, and the stories of the people who grow and make them. From well-informed wine lovers to young drinkers just discovering the joys of wine, Bloom Up is a campaign for everyone designed to showcase the distinctive, accessible personalities of Loire Valley Wines.

We hope you’ll join us in blooming big and blooming up this year! You can read our entire press release below, or message us at any time for more information and details on how to help your tribe Bloom Up. 

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