Loire Valley: Cabernet Franc & Chenin Blanc

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In this episode, Keith doesn’t stop at highlighting the vines from these appellations: He dives straight into the diversity of terroirs in each village, and describes how each produces a range of wines in various styles.

We’ve got rosé on the brain this month, and love how Keith perfectly describes the inimitable qualities of Cabernet Franc-based rosés from Chinon.

As he put it, “I can’t explain really how wonderful a well-done Cab Franc rosé from Chinon is. It is not like anything you’d ever have. The fruit is fat and round, the pepper is there, the acid is high, and there is just a — on the palate, everything comes together. There’s such an active, interactive, I should say, palate to this particular rosé. It’s like it takes the lean style of rosé and steps it up a notch with a little bit of fat fruit and some pepper. Also, when they make these into sparkling wines over in Saumur — oh, so, so good.

Next time you’re ready for a great wine class in under 20 minutes (17 to be exact!) this is the podcast you need, and thanks Keith for the great endorsement of these wines.

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