A vast area

A vast area

The Loire Valley vineyards extends over 38 000 hectares in AOC spread over 3 regions, departments and 7 800 km of wine route. It consists of 4 wine regions that are the Pays Nantais, Anjou-Saumur, Touraine and the Loire Valley.

The Loire Valley – a major winegrowing region

The Loire Valley is France’s 3rd largest winegrowing region. Stretching from Atlantic coast to Auvergne, it is a point of equilibrium, where north meets south, sophistication meets freshness, art meets literature, and tradition meets modernity. These contrasts - plus the generally temperate climate and extraordinarily varied terroirs - have created the most diverse winegrowing region in the world.

The longest wine Route in France

The Loire Valley Wine Route is the longest in France – 800 km winding through the Loire Valley vineyards – making this a prime wine-tourism destination. There are plenty of well-placed signposts to guide visitors on their way, and the route includes some unique cultural heritage sites along the Royal River, including the famous Chateaux and a vast range of diverse landscapes.

To prepare for your sensory journey along the Loire, click on our interactive map, and choose one of the itineraries we have prepared specially for you.

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