Key figures

The banks of the Loire

Key figures

The Loire Valley is the 3rd largest appellation region in France, comprising a total of 85 appellations and denominations.  The area between Chalonnes-sur-Loire (Maine et Loire) and Sully-sur-Loire (Loiret) has been awarded UNESCO World Heritage status – one of only ten European winegrowing regions distinguished in this way.


It is also recognised as France’s leading wine tourism region thanks to the quality of its hospitality services - an achievement it shares with Alsace – making it a prime tourist destination. With a wine route of over 800 km it gives visitors the opportunity to discover or re-visit a wealth of different landscapes and heritage sites

50 appellations making red, white, rosé and sparkling wines come under the InterLoire umbrella. All are produced within the 70, 000 ha area between Blois and Nantes. The Loire vineyards are planted in a mosaic of terroirs growing 12 varietals and comprising a wealth of different soils and climates. These are the unique raw materials with which the 2,900 local residents, winemakers, négociants and cooperative cellars making up the Loire Valley wine industry work their magic. Every year, 250 million bottles of wine produced in this area are sold in 140 countries – a rate of 8 bottles per second

See our key figures at a glance in the table below:

The key figures of the Loire Valley, its wines, its vineyards, its businesses and its oenotourism

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