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At this time of year, the fresher your wine, the better. When the table’s groaning with foie gras, roast turkey, cheese platters, Christmas puddings and a host of festive goodies, let your wine add a much-needed touch of zing. Sparkling vouvray or bone-dry saumur to start, a breezy Muscadet with seafood, a  silky-smooth Anjou Rouge with the turkey – there’s a perfect Loire Valley wine for every course, for every guest. Whites, reds, rosés, dry or sweet, still or sparkling…and all sure to please.

Whether you’re pulling out all the stops this year or just sitting back and relaxing, with Loire Valley wines, anything goes. How about a Russian theme? Forget the vodka, uncork a Savannières instead – sublime with salmon blinis. A Latin American New Year celebration maybe? Serve your Ceviche Trio with a trio of Touraines – Mesland, Noble Joué and Oisly. A totally unexpected pairing, and we bet your guests have never even heard of them!

But the greatest gift of all is the price. The Loire Valley is the perfect place to find a gem that doesn’t break the bank. Stylish sparklers at sensible prices, affordable dessert wines, fine reds at reasonable rates…the perfect excuse to invite an extra friend or two!

Loire Valley wines – always the star of the show.

Des vins du val de loire pour les fêtes

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