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Bonnezeaux- AOC by decree on 6th November 1951

With scents of dew, honey, and wild flowers this is a dream bottle of shimmering liquid gold.


The vineyard
Geographical location:
The areas covered by the Bonnezeaux AOC are located in a small proportion of a single commune on the right bank of the Layon: Thouarcé.


Surface area: Roughly 90 ha (220 acres)
History: This AOC is ranked as an exceptional terroir.
Types of soil: The soils have developed on the sandy shale of St Georges with veins of quartz and phtanites.
Climate: Moderate oceanic type climate, but rather dry with a fairly low difference between maximum high-low temperatures – the proverbial Anjou mildness.


The wine
Annual production:
Roughly 2,000 hl
Basic yield: 25 hl/ha
Grape varieties: Chenin Blanc (Pineau de la Loire)
Dominant growing practices: Density of 4,500 to 5,000 plants/ha. Double Guyot pruning to 2x3 nodes or gobelet (‘goblet’) to 3x2 nodes.
Technical constraints: Manual harvests carried out in multiple passes to selectively pick grapes that are over-ripened and present high concentration levels, whether or not through the action of noble rot. Individual inspection of the production conditions for each plot of land.

Sensory characteristics:
Deep appearance, yellow or with glints of green, turning to antique gold with amber hues.
Intense, complex nose, aromas of flowers, white fruits, candied citrus fruits and exotic fruits in the early years, which after 5 to 10 years evolve into hints of precious woods, dried or candied fruit, honey and roasted almonds, generally marked by strong minerality. Later on they will also offer notes of waxy gentian (violet).
Powerful opulence on the palate with a strong fat richness, giving these very sweet wines exemplary balance between mellowness and liveliness.
Serving temperature: 8°C. Decant wines that are under 5 years old.
Ageing potential: From at least 10 years to inestimable lengths of time for good vintage years.

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