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Ready for the new edition of Vignes, Vins, Randos
Vignes, Vins et Randos is the Loire Valley’s iconic autumn event, a series of 14 guided walks through stunning UNESCO-listed countryside. Bring your family and friends and prepare to feel inspired and energised as our winegrowers and négociants take you ...
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2016 9/6
België - Cabernet d’Anjou ziet het leven door een roze bril

CLiquez ici pour visualiser la version en français. Cabernet d’Anjou wordt zonder twijfel uw ...

2016 10/2
visitfrenchwine.com, the greatest destinations in the vineyards of France

On last february 9th , Laurent Fabius , Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development, has presented ...

2016 1/6
A series of fully booked events at the London Wine Week

During the London Wine Week 2016, Loire Valley Wines take part in a series of immersive events to demonstrate the ...

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